Osteopathy clinic in Castlebar


I spent a month suffering from an iliopsoas-tendon injury that failed to respond to any physiotherapy. Despite receiving treatment several times a week on it and doing all of the exercises prescribed the injury would not clear up. Unfortunately this resulted in my missing several crucial national league matches with the Galway team. I travelled from Galway to Maynooth to receive neuromuscular-therapy from David. The results of the first treatment were astounding. He used his Frequency-Specific-Microcurrent machine initially and following this he did some hands-on Trigger-point work on the psoas and iliacus muscles. I couldn’t believe how much better I felt leaving the clinic. Within two days I was back running at full pace for the first time in weeks. After only one treatment! Foolishly against his advice I did over-do things too soon, but after one more treatment the injury was completely resolved. David is a meticulous, thorough, and knowledgeable professional and it was clear from his follow-up phone-calls and advice how much he cares for the well being of his clients. I would recommend David to anyone requiring treatment.

My wife Fiona has had issues with shoulder pain as far back as I can remember. This was extremely frustrating as it made even the simplest day-to-day tasks more difficult than they should be. Having heard of David’s work through the Maynooth BNI meetings I decided to take Fiona to his clinic in Kilcock. The atmosphere was extremely welcoming and David was very friendly from the moment we arrived. He treated Fiona with FSM – a completely non-invasive treatment. Fiona felt like the pain had been relieved almost immediately after the treatment. The next morning she woke up with full movement in her shoulder with absolutely no pain whatsoever.

We have been back to David since and would recommend him to anyone with any kind of muscle injury – he has changed my wife’s life who can now enjoy her daily life pain-free.